The Probability

I’d like those of you who’ve placed a stake in this lottery to think about the difficult
choice you may have to make.



It appears that the lotteries used to be common in the region, but some villages
have given up the practice.



holding their slips of paper above their heads.




recent trends in the charity sector
random material generator





writing and the market =
writing your name on a slip of paper puts it on the market

marking a paper with a black ink circle is an allegory for currency





the end of probability
the end of paintings not inspired by random text



bleed rain from desiccated clients


this text has a firm set of rules, and this sentence occurs 25 times in the source
material, to ensure its inclusion in the final poem


a black spot on it


the ‘community’ in the story could be metaphor

all metaphor is allegorical



It was blank.






The original paraphernalia for the lottery had been lost long ago, and the black box
now resting on the stool had been put into use even before Old Man Warner, the
oldest man in town, was born.


Lastly, he considers the definition of a percentage to be the lottery of error instead
of the lottery of an answer’s relevance.


Wizard of Odds


a Markov chain is the perfect reader for any poem



With more than 23 persons in a room the chances are more than 50-50
that two of them will share a birthday (same day, maybe different years).






With more than 23 persons in a room the chances are more than 50-50
that two of them will have had sex with each other.


With more than 23 artists in a room the chances are more than 50-50
that two of them will be making art about the ontology of finance.


Many websites offer explanations for this “birthday paradox”





Rules of stopping are based on posterior probabilities.

Rules of stoning are based on posterior probabilities.



stoned by Google search


discovering fine-grained sentiment
with latent variable
structured prediction models





allegory also contains authority



if you speak in this imaginary structure, it’s because other choices felt limiting


a dice is a site for error




until the last slip of paper is drawn from the black box, my world will solely consist
of the future


but chance is real



poetry rebranded as sentiment monitoring


automated and distributed chances
for display





a Markov chain is the perfect reader



a printed poem to explain the show
By now, all through the crowd there were men holding the small folded papers in
their large hands, turning them over and over nervously.



fine art, when it’s good, is like chess



any game board, whether its purpose is domestic entertainment or fiscal
governance, is a visual systematization of a rule

art crowd casting agent






it was necessary to use something that would fit more easily into the black box



what have we done when all the dice

come up sevens



as chance would have it, my practice is centered around pricing surface


a poem on ultimate risk


to constantly praise a good thing

to praise a thing randomly






markets exist


tradability and exchangeability is cause for celebration


a stoning is not a lottery
as a piece of paper is not a poem


each are their own thing